The most wide spread questions we hear concerning swimming pools in this region continues to be, “what do I do about the white hard water stains on my tile and/or rocks around my pool?” That white stain is actually calcium which enters your pool water from a number of sources. As the water becomes saturated with calcium it will begin to deposit on the tile, rocks and even the plaster. Although having your pool water professionally balanced on a weekly basis will slow this process, the inevitable result will be to have it cleaned off.

A typical homeowner’s options for cleaning include a wide variety of chemicals that claim to remove the white stuff quickly and easily. If you are reading this you have probably spent your money on these products with the same disappointing results as everyone else. You may have also tried good old fashioned elbow grease and a pumice stone. This will take many hours and most certainly leave you with a bad case of tendinitis.

The good news is we have spent many R&D hours to find a better way. We blast the tile and rock with a soft mineral abrasive that is environmentally safe, PH neutral, easy to clean up, and it won’t harm the tile or rock. WE DON”T USE GLASS BEADS!! Although bead blasting can be effective, it is harmful to some surfaces, the beads can harm or clog filtration equipment, and do you really want small particles of glass in your swimming pool?