If you are looking for quality, affordability and great customer service in your San Diego pool service provider, look no further than Clearwater Pools.  All of our staff is continually trained on proper pool repair, water sanitation, chemical balancing, filter cleaning, and much, much more in order to keep you and your family safe.  It’s important to keep your water clean, as many organisms thrive in untreated pool water that can be potentially harmful and definitely unsightly.  We treat your pool as if it is our own, ensuring only the best for our customers and their loved ones.


We stand by our “Clearwater way,” as a precedent-setting method for repairing, cleaning, and servicing your pool.  By putting each customer’s interests above our own, we continually offer value for all of our customers.  Our staff here in San Diego is extremely knowledgeable in servicing and maintaining pools, which saves time in labor hours and money that we gladly pass on to you as our customer.